The Holistic Counseling Podcast with Chris McDonald

Chris McDonald is a dedicated Therapist and Yogi who understands the challenges that many holistic therapists face when it comes to feeling isolated. With a passion for helping others, Chris has made it her mission to create a supportive community for holistic therapists so they can connect and engage.

As the creator of “The Holistic Counseling Podcast,” which launched in April 2021, Chris strives to deepen therapists’ knowledge of holistic modalities and help them build their practices with confidence..

Some of the topics you will discover on the show:  how to integrate holistic modalities like trauma-informed yoga, meditation, and grounding into sessions with confidence, The Best Self-Compassion tips for you and your clients, and ways to find balance and create more self-care into your life

Chris is the owner of Path to Hope Counseling, a group online practice where she helps clients find healing through a more somatic approach that includes yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Her focus on holistic therapy has had a positive impact on her young adult clients, who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief.

To further support her fellow therapists, she offers Therapy for Therapists. She is the author of “Self-Care for the Counselor,” which was published in 2017 and has helped many therapists prioritize their own mental health and wellness. She created The Facebook Group , The Holistic Counseling and Self-care Group to help Holistic Counselors and Therapists to find a safe space for connection, support, and fun.

With her expertise, passion, and commitment to holistic therapy Chris and loves promoting holistic mental health practices.

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