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Whitney Owens hosts the Wise Practice Podcast

When I started my private practice, I knew that faith would be an essential aspect of the business. To me, being a Christian means living in such a way that my faith impacts my personal life and work life. I knew that I could not run a successful practice without faith being a cornerstone of the business. Over time, I have met other practice owners who feel the same way. This is the very reason I started faith-based private practice coaching.

Faith-Based Private Practice Owners have a Unique Set of Challenges

The fact that you are reading this means you know as well as I do that faith-based practice owners face a unique set of challenges. There can be guilt over making a profit or setting rates that match your level of expertise and then offering that to the faith community. Or, it is difficult to hire therapists that understand the mission and vision of your practice. And, sometimes churches and other faith-based organizations do not understand why counseling is important. It is important that we address these challenges and more, which is why I became a Christian private practice coach.

Whitney Today

Currently, I own a thriving group practice in Savannah, Georgia called Water’s Edge Counseling. When not running the practice, you can find me coaching, running, or drinking coffee while reading a book. I am married to a pastor and am the mother of two beautiful girls. I have walked the road of balancing work and family and continue to learn along the way.

As a graduate of Richmont Graduate University, I received training not only in professional counseling but also in faith integration. Over the years I have worked in numerous clinical settings from residential treatment to hospital work, to opening multiple private practices.

Now, I live the lifestyle I love while working 4 days a week, picking my kids up from school and enjoying a profitable business. I can do the work I love, live out my faith, and have fun doing it!

Each week I want to share with you my tricks to living a fulfilling, faith-based life while growing a thriving private practice. Together we will speak with special guests about how they balance life, grow their businesses and so so much more. Tune in and let’s grow your practice with a twist of faith.

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